Friday, 17 October 2014

Denver Narcolepsy Network

I went from being extremely busy to being ridiculously busy. I picked up Jinx on Tuesday the 7th and have had the best 10 days with her. Yes I have to wake up throughout the night to let the little 9 week old bundle of joy go to the bathroom. Yes I have to wake up early to feed her and yes I literally can’t leave her unattended, but no…no I am not annoyed by her or inconvenienced by her. I love that little puppy more than I ever thought I could love something. I am certainly going to miss not seeing her for the next 4 days.
Narcolepsy Network Conference is in Denver, Colorado this year. I managed to find a reasonable flight (Canadian flights are never that cheap) and I saved a few pennies over the past months as it’s something I really wanted to do. I can’t really find a definite reason as to why I want to attend, I’m really not in any dysfunctional time in my life or time of needing support.  Sometimes I almost feel guilty even writing this blog because I know how many people haven’t found the right meds, right job, right friends, and sadly don’t have the same supportive family as I do. I have what I would call a damn near dream life. I have my dream job, my meds work near perfect, my bad days really aren’t that bad, and my friends and family get it to the best of getting it abilities. My major concerns are within financial goals, but I’m only in year one of my business. It’s not like I am unable to afford rent, food, transportation or any of the necessities. A lot of what I read on the support group are people in desperate times, losing jobs, unappreciative doctors, bad combinations of medications, and horrible experiences. I feel awful for each and every one of them because they’re in such a negative place and I was once in that place too… only I experienced those dark times and moments when I was 13-16 years old. I was given the opportunity it figure my narcolepsy out at a much earlier age and at an age where I wasn’t supporting anyone or even myself.
I suppose what I am getting at is I am feeling rather indifferent about this conference. I think it will be amazing and uplifting to meet others with narcolepsy who are older than me, younger than me and especially around the same age as me. I am excited to attend the seminars to learn more about this crazy diagnosis we all seem to be stuck with. I just suppose I am a little worried it might be a negative experience if most of the people have a negative feeling towards their narcolepsy. I am in a good place in my life right now, and I guess this conference is more for me to support others with their narcolepsy than it is for me to get support in my life.
Excited to meet you all!


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  1. Sarah-

    I'm so glad I found your blog - I too, have narcolepsy...with cataplexy. Diagnosed a luttle later in life, at 35 years old last year, after a year of puzzling doctors - I finally found the one who had the right insight :)

    Funny, I live in Denver and I didn't even make it to the conference - but I am so glad that it was exactly what you needed :) I have great days now and I'm so glad that I'm not alone in that - as this disease can really beat ya up sometimes.

    Wishing you the very best & can't wait to read your next post-