Monday, 24 November 2014

Failing the Balancing Act

If work life balance were a class I’d be flunking it like it was a talent of mine. I have worked the past 14 days straight, and I will continue to work for a total of 25 days in a row. I will have one day off and on that day off I am certain I’ll spend half of it editing all the photo shoots I need to finish editing. I am pretty bitter about the situation.

I get that I’m young and when you’re young you have to work your ass off… but I also hate the struggle it is to wake up in the morning. Sure I am still getting 8 hour sleeps, but that’s not enough when I’m working every damn day. I’m exhausted, mentally and physically. I want a break and Christmas is just more chaotic than it is a break when it comes to working a job at the mall.

I also get that I could say no to people when it comes to working, but when I’m in my first year of my Photography business saying no is the last damn thing I should be doing. Therefore I juggle my schedule to accommodate clients and support my growing business. Business has been booming but with how busy I am …I’m almost bitter towards how successful I am becoming. I should be celebrating how great things are with my photography, but instead I’m stressed out and hating how all my down time is spent in front of a computer screen.

Maybe one day I’ll have a life and a career and all this grumpy bitterness will be a thing of the past. I really just need a day spent curled up in a ball feeling sorry for myself, otherwise a day will come and I’ll have a meltdown crying to my parents about how life sucks and it’s not fair and I hate my narcolepsy lalalala.

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