Sunday, 23 October 2011

Can you say New York?

I am super excited about life right now! Today’s game was our make it or break it moment with soccer. If we won, we would be Regional Champions, if we lost our season would be over. The game was against a team we had played twice in normal season. We managed to beat them once, but also had lost to them once. The pressure was on and honestly the game could have gone either way. Whoever won this game, not only got the regional champion title, but also get’s to go to Nationals. Nationals are held in New York this year! My little Canadian self has yet to go there, and would really like to go when it’s paid for!
After getting our pre-game speech and warming up, it was time to start the game. We dominated the pitch, moving the ball around, creating chances; sadly not finishing any of our chances in the first 45minutes. It doesn’t matter who has the ball the most in the game, it’s really about finishing your chances. If the other team managed to get a single shot off and use there chance to the best of there ability…we’d be screwed. Second half went better; I managed to get a shot off from about 35 out and score. It was with 20 minutes left, we were playing defensive, at least attempting too. Everyone was so nervous, so worried that it got to us and we had a wee bit of a screw up in the back. Our opponent came back with a goal with 10 minutes to go. Both teams were well “freaking out”. You could tell by the way everyone was playing, it was a mess out on the field, something we call Kick Ball…its not pretty!
With a tie at the end of the regular 90-minute game we went into golden goal. Golden goal, which is played in two ten-minute halves. If a team scores, it’s over. Next goal wins is pretty much the basis of the rule. Neither team managed to score in either of the 10 minutes given. Now it was up to penalty kicks; the goalie of each team faces off with 5 different players of the team. One shot at a time from about 10 or 15 yards out; to be honest I can’t remember the rule. Either way, each player is given the ball, they can place it on the spot indicated, and when the ref blows the whistle you can take your shot. These are the types of shots that are the hardest to stop for a goalie. They have to first of guess which side you’ll be shooting to, and even if they guess right, there reaction is going to have to be quick. Our coach picked 5 girls who she thought have the best penalty kicking skills, I was one of them.
First shooters; both shooters scored… tied 1-1
Second shooters; our goalie stopped the shot…we scored… we’re up 2-1
Third shooters; bother shooters scored….3-2
Fourth shooters; our goalie stopped the shot… now I was the fourth shooter for my team. If I scored, we didn’t have to go to the fifth shooter. I always do my penalty kick to the left of the net (goalies right). Our opponent’s goalie though wasn’t standing in the middle of the net, and she was getting a glove or at least real close on the past three shots. I was extremely nervous and didn’t want to get my shot stopped. I’ve never practiced going to the right like I’ve practiced going to the left. Honestly when I was setting up my ball on the spot, I didn’t even know which was I was going to shoot. My mind was going a mile a minute, contemplating. I took my 6 steps back, tapped my right toe against the ground, and tapped my left. (I seriously have a ritual I do before every free kick, penalty kick…the exact same steps and the exact same toe taps. Haha.) The ref blew the whistle; I stood there for probably 2-3 seconds before taking my run. Seriously, didn’t decide which way I was shooting until about 3 steps into my 6. I went to the right (goalies left)… the goalie dived the other way so there was no way she was getting it. We won Regional’s on that note and now we get to go to Nationals in New York. It was an extremely exciting day. I can’t wait to leave on Halloween for the 19-hour drive. I have no expectations for Nationals; of course I would love to win, but making it to nationals is an accomplishment in itself.
I will be missing a week of school though, so that should be interesting! Working hard this week to get ahead!

Friday, 14 October 2011

midterm grade check;

From Team Trip to Chicago, IL
Near Downtown in Rochester

Near Downtown
Grade check, as in our Midterm grades have come out of hiding. Its that time of year where you see where exactly you're at; if you need to get your act together or if you're succeeding. Thankfully I am able to give myself a pat on the back; I have a 3.75 GPA. 
Darkroom Class: 91%
Digital Photography: 97%
Business Class: 89%
Drug Use & Abuse: 95% (GPA/Credit boost class)
That is seriously something I have not had since I was in my Sophomore year of high school. I am super proud of it, especially since it's soccer season and I have had to miss a few classes here and there. Looks like I will be continuing to keep up with my school work because these A's are satisfying. Just goes to show that when you're studying something you enjoy, it's that much easier to dedicate your energy to achieving good grades. I however feel that I would never be able to take more than 4 classes at once. Especially when I have my one class that is simple and I barely have to do anything; its basically just a GPA/credit booster.
Also these last few days have been a little weird. I have had some solid hallucinations before going to bed in the evening and when my alarm goes off in the morning. I don't think its because I am not getting enough sleep, I think it is a lack of naps. I need to start napping in the day again and get back on a better schedule. Also I have noticed a lack in my nutrition; although I eat healthy compared to many of the people I live with or play soccer with... I lack my daily intake of nutrients. I bought some supplements; the Women's Teen Advantage one a day. I bought the teen one because it had high levels of the vitamin A, B6, D, and magnesium. Technically I am still a "teen" as well...eight teen. With that I also got a Vitamin C-250 and an Iron supplement. I know for a fact I am not getting enough Iron because I find it difficult to eat a lot of red meat or seafood or almonds. I hate almonds unless they are chocolate covered!! Either way; I have found that in the two days I've been taking them I have more energy and I am more lively. Hopefully they help me get all the nutrients I need on top of what I already eat! I know they say freshman 15... but since arriving here I have lost 13 lbs. I didn't need to loose the weight, in fact I was happy with my weight, but with all the running and training we did I have managed to slim down. I feel that I am at a good weight and I feel generally healthier. If I gain any weight back I sure hope it's in muscle! That would be awesome.
I am staying in Rochester this weekend, no away games or any travelling with our team. It should be nice to just sit at home; go to bed in my own bed. Will keep you updated in the future. I can't think of anything else I have to say... am I forgetting to mention anything?

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Still Alive, Still Awake.

Sorry for the time I’ve left in between this post and the last. I’ve been busy; busy enough not to completely loose my mind, but too busy to even process what’s on my mind. I think it’s time for a break from life. Just two days would be enough. On those two days I would like nothing but a pillow, blanket, couch and unlimited supply of food that will not go straight to my hips/ass/thighs. Oh shoot…is that too much to ask?
I had two awful days since we last talked. I had one night I was up doing homework late, practice the next morning at 6am, and then class from 8am-2pm. I had gotten 5 hours sleep, and had practice and had two classes worth 2 and half hours. The day was hell; I barely made it through to say the least. I fell asleep in the one class. I will pray that I won’t be doing that again anytime soon; let’s be honest though I am in college now this is apparently semi normal? Next awful day was when I got little sleep, missed my alarm and woke up just in time to run to class. I forgot to take my meds, preceded to try and get through the two and half hour class, with scribbling and doodling to keep my awake. My teacher asked after if I really thought he was that boring. How exactly was I suppose to answer that? I probably didn’t answer it the right way but I told him I used doodling to help me stay awake. I failed to mention I forgot my drugs, that’s how zonked out I was. I ran home and took my drugs and had some caffeine in my tea…just enough to get me through my second-class and afternoon practice!
So far I have kept my grades up, have an A in two classes and a B in the other two. I have never use the letter grade system, so to me a B sounds just awful. A B however is around 85-89%. I can’t complain when I think about the percentage. I am proud of these grades so far and look forward to keeping them up! Study sessions and long nights in the photo lab/darkroom will be the only answer to these hopes!
Currently I am in Chicago, Illinois, of course for soccer. We have three games over the course of three days, so far we have won two and tomorrow will be our last game before heading home to Minnesota. I’ve had two great games if I do say so myself; gotten 4 assists and 1 goal. My leg is obviously healed and obviously in great working condition now! Lets keep it this way! 
My parents came down to visit me and were quite wonderful company! I had missed my parents, I wasn’t quite homesick but I will admit I missed a home cooked meal and the little things my Mama would do for me. Moving out hasn’t been a rude awakening, people always said you’d learn to do things that you never thought you had to do. Well I have to say my parents raised me in the best way possible. They taught me to take care of myself; I learned a lot of the hard lessons while I was living at home because my parents forced me to do so much for myself. Yes I might have been spoiled here and there, but I was well aware of what my parents were doing for me and I knew one day I’d be cut off. Living on my own has allowed me the independence I wanted with a good learning curve to keep me grounded. I appreciate my parents far more now that I have moved out. For all the times I fought with them or told them I hated them or yelled at them for giving me a curfew, thank you.
Hopefully my life stays steady, I’ve been pretty tired but this trip to Chicago has allowed me some extra sleep time. The bus ride from 5-6 hours, we went to bed early to get 10 hours sleep. The girl I shared a bed with was a dream to sleep with. She can sleep with me any night, she didn’t move or steal sheets. I wake up a lot in the night because of insomnia, but I only woke up three times. It was amazing! Haha.
Happy days are ahead and fun times are around the corner. I need sleep though, my game is at noon tomorrow and I have had an adventurous day with no room for naps.