Wednesday, 20 July 2011

too good to be true;

Things were going great, I think a little too great. These past few weeks I have spent them with friends, family and working out. I haven’t been exhausted for sleep, but when needed I have found the time for my naps. Lets just say I had a lot of fun with all my friends over the past two weeks and was looking forward to my last 2 weeks with a trip to my friends cabin and a trip to a rodeo out of town. Things are now looking down for my next two trips; in fact I have already cancelled one.
This past Saturday was my families annual keg party; the party all our neighbors and friends look forward to. My mother makes the best appetizers, and the greatest pork pull and my father buys a keg and some other assortments of liquor. We invite all of our neighbors, all of our friends and well most of our family. The party lasts from around 3 in the afternoon till the last person leaves. It’s great, I get to see everyone who has been around since I was little and I get to invite my friends over to have a few drinks. This year was great; it allowed me to see a few of my friends for the last time before we all go our separate ways. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I believe my friends did as well.
Sunday was a day to clean up, and attend my soccer game. All went just swell, my team dominated and managed to win our game. I was now packing up for my much-anticipated trip to Edmonton with my best friend. We had been planning it for ages, we would go shopping the one-day, stay the night and hit the famous water park the next day. This water park has been on my mind for ages, I never went as a young child. All the soccer tournaments I attended (whether it was mine or my brothers) I always ended up with something silly that prohibited me from joining in on the water park adventures. Needless to say I was feeling as though that I had missed out on my childhood and going to this water park would be the best thing in the world.
I am pretty sure I was not meant to go to this water park, or maybe it just seems this way. When I was younger, cast’s prevented me, and the cold or flu I was enduring made my mother choose “what’s best for me”.
Now on my way to the water park after checking out of the hotel, no cast and or illness prevented me from having fun at the water park. Well nothing but a huge stupid incident that has prohibited me from going to the water park once AGAIN!
I was driving my mothers nice Honda fit, she had let me use it for the trip simply because it was better on gas and a more trustworthy car than the one I currently declare as my own car.
Basically this is what happened, I ran a yellow light, I could have stopped; may have hurt the brakes a little bit but I could have stopped. I chose to proceed through the amber light. Now the way the intersection is set up, the lights are in unison, so when this light that I “ran” turned yellow, the light just ahead turned yellow. I of course shifted down gears and was beginning my stop because the light ahead was about to turn red. As I was coming to a stop I noticed a truck who also ran the same amber light I had just ran, I also noticed he was going to hit me at quite a hefty speed. This truck was not your average truck, it wasn’t quite a semi, but it was a large industrial sized truck. With half a second to spare, I went to shift into first in hopes of moving. He was coming way to fast and he was failing to stop, he instead used my vehicle to stop. My car was crunched up, windows were shattered and my vehicle was pushed straight into the intersection. I checked to make sure my friend was all-okay, restarted my car and moved my car out of the intersection and into the nearest parking lot. My car was totaled and with the adrenaline rushing I was doing what it is I was taught. You exchange information, license and registration. The other driver was creepy to say the least, and not cooperative. He couldn’t find any of his documents and he wasn’t saying much, just smoking his cigarette. I had my friend dial 911 and get a cop on scene because I was not dealing with the man who rear ended us especially when he was being as weird as he was. With an hour wait for the cop to show up adrenaline slowly left and pain slowly kicked in.
Thankfully my vehicles seatbelts locked and the car took the impact rather well for the amount of impact it was given. I had talked with my parents over the phone, and my friend had talked to hers. In fact my friends mother was way too nice and drove up to get us to take us home, seeing as my vehicle was no longer drive-able. We had decided to tow the poor car all the way home, and the cop generously offered to phone AMA for me because she would be able to get them here faster than if I was to phone. To be honest this cop that we got was seriously the best. She made the best out of this bad situation; she dealt with the creepy guy and wrote him a ticket. Our parents had asked we go to the hospital to get checked out to in sure no breaks or damages since we were feeling pretty damn sore. The cop offered to drive us there and she even helped us get everything out of my car.
This was the awful end to what was suppose to be our awesome day at the water park. We thankfully were cleared at the hospital. My friend has some good whiplash and pain in her shoulder and I myself have whiplash, a seatbelt bruise and pains in my back in which I am going to physiotherapy today for. I also managed to bruise my hand, when I went to go shift gears we got hit so my hand took impact into the shifter. Ha, the smallest of all my injuries but really is annoying! Anyways, I am happy my friend and me are alive and well, nothing too serious. A car can be fixed and replaced and that is the least of my worries right now!
For now I will be sleeping, eating, taking painkillers and watching movies. I will keep you updated!
Maybe when I am home from school I can go to this water park with no problems, but as for now I need to heal up quick before I am off to college! Two weeks and counting!

the damages

Monday, 4 July 2011

i really do know better;

In my defense though I leave my hometown in less than 30 days to an entirely different country to be with people I’ve never met. Trying to keep up with my friends that I won’t be seeing for five months straight is hurting my sleep schedule.
Staying up until 3am and drinking sugary drinks and eating all the bad food I could get my hands on was so much fun, but so stupid to have to deal with the after effects.
My two good friends haven’t seen Transformers one or two; so I said we should probably watch them because I believe they are just the best things ever. Not to mention that the third movie, the one that just came out is AMAZING! I shed a tear, not going to lie!
We decided to have a movie marathon, and watch them both in one night. I am happy to say I got through the first one successfully, but when we started up the second movie at 1am I was having a tough go of it. I drank all the sugar drinks, had all the candy and popcorn I could but I fell asleep at around 3am. I did not finish the movie and to be honest I barely remember watching the second movie because I was so focused on trying to stay awake that the head bob took over and all though I was awake I wasn’t really awake.
This morning waking up at 10am was a real treat, not to mention I forgot my meds at home so I piled all the sugar/food in my body just to make it on the drive home.
I got home, took my meds and well crashed for about an hour nap. I am still exhausted; my body just aches from being so tired.
I know all the sugars and bad food makes me crash harder, but man oh man I had forgotten was exhaustion really felt like. I do not know if anyone else gets the body aches when they are feeling tired but basically it feels like I have the flu or I just had the most exhausting workout. Either way it’s safe to say my decision last night to hang out and stay up late with my friends is going to be a two-day recovery catching up on sleep. I am not sure if it was totally worth it, but spending time with my friends before I leave is super important to me. I just need to find a better balance!
I am off to work out, as I have mandatory workouts five days a week in order to get ready for the demanding pre season for soccer!
Lets hope I don’t fall asleep running! =)

Saturday, 2 July 2011

class of 2011;

A day in which I looked forward too was a day in which my narcolepsy and I feared. Graduating High School. I was no longer stressed about actually graduating, because I managed to meet all the requirements to get my diploma! I was now shifting my worry and fear towards the actual walking of the stage and the mass we had to attend in the morning. I honestly can say I have not attended one Mass during the entire time I attended a Catholic High School. If you don’t know what “Mass” is, search up catholic religion or whatever. Basically it is a ceremony and it is extremely long.
I am not Catholic; I attended this catholic high school because of the structure of learning it had to offer. I could attend school, have time for naps and teach myself the courses with help and guidance of teachers. It was ideal for the narcolepsy and ideal for not having the embarrassment of falling asleep in class; there are no ‘classes’!
Anyways the day of my graduation the day’s events went a little like this.
09:00am-11:00am    Graduation Mass
01:00pm-04:00pm    Convocation
It was a little demanding, especially with the time in between the two events being given away to having lunch with my best friends and their family members.
I am delighted to say that it went better than expected! The mass was the most difficult; there was nothing but a few songs to help keep me awake. I nodded off a few times, has the famous head bob going on. Luckily after a few bob’s I managed to notice one of my fellow graduates goofing off and imitating people, as in the pastor/priest or whatever name he goes by. Anyways I found it entertaining, although not nice, it kept me more alert and I was able to get through the dreaded two hours and onto the next stage of the day!
Lunch went good, I had my friend’s entertainment and their parents asking me about my life and I was able to engage in conversation. I knew I wouldn’t be able to catch a quick nap before convocation so I ran across the street to grab an energy drink. I try desperately not to use caffeine to get through things, just because of the crash afterwards and cause it really isn’t healthy. This however was my grad day; I had to make an exception.
I ended up drinking most of the Monster Energy drink, and I managed to make it through convocation without sleeping! The speeches were well put together, a good mix of humor and inspiration that I enjoyed listening too. The listing off of the names and the walking of the stage was a dreadful process. My eyes were extremely tired, luckily the person I was sitting by brought her phone. She had some interesting text messages for me to creep about/read. Haha, that sounds awful. Next thing you know it was my turn to walk the stage.
They managed to get my name right, thank you to my teachers! I walked across, got a good amount of applause, then my father decided to yell out.
Got to love the papa, he always knows how to embarrass me! He could have said worse though, at least no little nicknames came out! Right?
Graduation was a success. I got my diploma in the regular time, I passed all of my courses and I managed to meet some of the greatest people ever. I am happy to move on to the next chapter of my life. College!
I will be moving to the states to play soccer and attend college to take Photography! I am excited, nervous, worried, and happy to go on the experience all by myself. I clearly have a lot of learning to do, but am looking forward to being more responsible and taking on new challenges! Preseason for soccer will be a nut case, two practices a day. Practices will be mostly running, running tuckers me out making napping a higher priority. I have faith that everything will work out and it will be a huge learning curve for me in the best possible way. Hopefully I won’t have to cheat too much with the energy drinks and caffeine; but I am willing to take a few in order to keep up to everyone else. I will be updating this blog as much as possible to tell everyone how I handle a full load of courses and a full load of soccer/travelling!
Wish me luck!