Thursday, 9 February 2012

Back on Track;

This semester is one that is going to be tougher than the last, my Monday through Thursdays are absolute hell for narcolepsy. I am beginning to feel my body deteriorate and barely having enough time to recuperate on the weekends. I have had little time to have a nap on my days of school, and when I do get to nap it's not until 6 or 7pm. If I nap at that time, I am up later doing homework. It's a viscous circle, I can't seem to win. On top of this all I am finding myself going back into the days of "survival mode". Survival mode for me is back when I didn't have the knowledge of narcolepsy and I clearly wasn't medicated. Survival mode involves eating more than I need too, drinking high sugar drinks, high caffeine drink and well doing all that unhealthy shenanigans just to get myself through the day! Sure I am surviving but I am killing my body and having crashes that are far worse than they need to be.
Time for me to get a new plan, get back on track for working out. I need to find the energy to work out because working out helps my overall energy and feeling good about my self is always a plus! I have gained a few measly pounds, nothing serious but because I have noticed I need to get rid of them! I am by no means over weight for my height/age, but my ideal weight is about 5-10 pounds lighter.
I've done my research, asked around about different ideas for having a higher energy diet. Maybe finding some supplements that can help me and my body find the energy/will to do everything I need to do. What I have found is Spark Energy Drink. Its distributed by AdvoCare and honestly a lot of the athletes at my school are using it. Some may not need it, but this narcoleptic is wanting to give it a try.
AdvoCare Spark Energy Drink Info
Click the link if you want to see what it is. I have it ordered and am looking forward to hopefully seeing/feeling the benefits! Next on the list is cutting out these sugar snacks! I eat them to keep me awake, they work for the purpose intended. They also work against me in being unhealthy, and causing me to crash faster. Looks like I will be purchasing healthier snack ideas and limit myself to one in between my two classes. Hopefully the spark drink will be enough!
I guess I will start with Spark and see where it takes me. I still take my Vitamin C and my Women's One a Day as supplements and they seem to help. At least I feel like I notice when I forget to take them!!
Alright that's the narcoleptic update for you!
Next is three images that are the start for my final project. They are watermarked because images I post on here can easily be found on google, or taken. Since it is my final project that will end up in my schools gallery showing, I don't want the risk! My final project is basically about how women are influenced by society as to how they view themselves. A self image project perhaps looking at the negative/positive effects society has on our perception on our self.
Have a good weekend!