Saturday, 10 March 2012

Spring Break;

Spring break has never been so needed. I am going to love every single one of the 10 days off. I am exhausted; I have been in deep waters with my photography classes, finishing projects, starting new projects. It’s a never-ending circle.
My art portfolio class, although it only meets once a week, it is pretty demanding. We have had to create a lot of paper work that will eventually help us get a job in the art industry should we choose to. A lot of work sheets, papers, self-exploration on who influenced us as artists, who we want to be as an artist, what our final project is about. It’s demanding and I haven’t written so many papers since probably tenth grade. It’s worthwhile, just time consuming. I am usually good with words when I have to write them down, but writers block and procrastination have allowed me to stay up till the wee hours of the morning in attempts to meet deadlines.
2D design is a class that really has no photography aspects, we work on painting, drawing, perception projects, anything art related and complicated is probably how I would describe it. Our latest and greatest project is a self-portrait. Can you say awkward? I can, I can also say I find it kind of almost creepy drawing myself, and then staring at a portrait of myself to make sure while painting it turns out exactly like the picture. Yeah not a huge fan of the project, but thankfully it’s not due until after spring break! I also got my midterm grade for this class, 84% also known as a B. This is exactly what I was shooting for in this class, now I just need to keep it going for the next two months.
Intermediate Photo class is going well, for being a photo class we’ve learned a lot about software. It has been extremely helpful, not that I want to edit or “photoshop” my images but its helpful to know how! The simplest thing like a smudge in the mirror can be magically erased with the simplest of knowledge. It’s been helpful to say the least. Our final project for that class is to take 3000 pictures on a basic theme and then once May comes around we are to pick our top 20 to print and hang. It’s supposed to help us realize what goes into a “body of work”. I think 4 weeks to expose 3000 themed pictures is a bit insane, but then again I do have a lot of other photo classes to be working on. I am thinking my theme will be night shots, I love night shooting and I love black and white images, and together they always turn out pretty cool!
Photo Lighting class, oh boy oh boy. That is one class that I have learned a lot in and one class that has made me realize I will never work a 9-5 job doing studio shoots. Setting up and taking down a lighting set up is painful, and I only enjoy it when it’s for my own creative thoughts/images. If it’s for a commercial or still life image, count me out. I have come to realize I like working with people and the natural still life outdoors. Bring in still life to “set up” and aesthetically position for ONE picture… no thank you. Not my thing, it’s cool and I enjoy looking at pictures of it…you just wont find me making images of still life in a studio. I like shooting a subject I can interact in.
That about wraps up my crazy life. This break I am going to begin my night scene shooting, finalize my final art portfolio project/resume/bio/artist statement and also get in some quality sleep. This break will be slightly different than the last ones, as my friends from home are still in class they don’t have break when I do. I am fine with that though, all I want to do is sit in front of the television and sleep.