Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Well, as the weeks pass by I am starting to get in a routine and sleep schedule. I am finding the nights when I sleep and know I have to be up to go to work in the morning... Are full of insomnia. I am not sure if its because I know I have to be up and out the door by a certain time; if I'm anxious...It's been driving me nuts. I'm used to the waking up 5-10 times a night, but I never have had issues about falling back to sleep! I'm trying to calm myself before bed...writing in a journal and just winding down I suppose. Hoping it starts to help. It really is cruel don't you think? Us narcoleptics with insomnia!!
As for work goes, it's been going really good. I have yet to have a need to sleep on the job. I am exhausted and drained, but my eyes aren't closing without my permission! Monday I started the boot camp and holy hell! The instructor kicked my ass. It's been four weeks since I last worked out... Needless to say this workout of power lifting and blast cardio was a rude awakening for how out of shape I am! I am really excited about it being 3 times a week though, it helps me stay motivated to get back in shape. I also find the more I exercise...although tired I am not "Narci" tired. If that at all makes sense!
My days are now longer due to boot camp and coaching soccer. Boot camp is 9am, that means I'm up @ 8 and out the house by 8:30. Then I have 1 hour between workout and work...the family I nanny for has said I can shower and hang out at their house in between. Really kind of them and convenient for me! I work 11-5 or sometimes 6. Then 3+ nights a week I head straight to a soccer practice or a game. I then swing back home for a meal and a chance to have some time to myself. Criminal minds or some Modern Family!  
I am in bed no later than 11 as I need 9 hours sleep at least! The weekends I have been lucky and have been spending them sleeping in till noon. I need it, and although it may look lazy from my friends point of view... I really could care less. I don't want to enter the narcoleptic world so I will do everything I can to stay out! 
I have recently started up a website for my photography. Although its not 100% complete, feel free to take a look at it! 
Hopefully I will find a way to turn my photography into Money and supplement my income. 
Any tips or comments about my website feel free to send me an email or leave a comment. Hope all is well with the narcoleptic families out there. Sleep well my friends.
Chat soon