Friday, 10 May 2013

updates far and few between;

Wow. Has it been a while or what? I would really love to be able to update you day by day with my life status, my coping mechanisms but my life is so damn busy lately. I am currently on a 5 day weekend since the family I nanny for went to Vancouver to visit grandparents. All I can say is THANK THE LORD. I need this weekend to sleep, to remain sane and get some personal appointments out of the way.
To update you on my schedule and why I feel so damn busy; I am still a nanny Monday to Friday generally working 11-6 now. I am head coach of an Under 12 girl’s soccer team. We practice Wednesday, Friday and have a game about 2 times a week usually Monday/Saturday. I also play soccer and my team has been playing Saturdays and Tuesdays but will soon move into a consistent Thursday night game. It’s busy and I hardly have time for myself anymore. I don’t nap during the week; I just push through the day. I have a tea everyday and that is my source of caffeine on top of the 54mg of Concerta. I stay active the entire day, either I am watching the kids at the park, cleaning the house, doing laundry or taking the kids to activities. The constant activities keep my mind running and I don’t even think about naps. I find the toughest days to be the ones where I have too much down time. Where there is not a ton of cleaning, and the five-year-old wants to play by her lonesome.
Either way I am getting through the days and maintaining a more than normal life. Sometimes I think I am doing more than a person without narcolepsy! I originally was terrified for summer and working because the kids would be out of school and 8-5 would become my new hours. HOWEVER, the family asked me the other day if I would be ok getting the kids at noon everyday from summer camps then hanging out with them till 6pm. Hell yes! I am more than okay with this, this means my hours stay practically the same and I can keep up with this schedule! There will be one week here and another week there where I am required to work 8-5, but I can mentally prepare for those weeks in advance!
In other news with my days off I am taking my days off to get my prescriptions refilled, my cars oil changed, my many errands out of the way, and of course to sleep. Saturday and Sunday I however am locked up in a classroom 10-5 learning new coaching skills. Although I am excited to take the coach, all narcoleptics know the fear that comes with sitting and listening to an instructor. Wish me luck!