Friday, 29 August 2014


I’m turning 21 on Sunday. It’s apparently a milestone birthday and it’s to be celebrated bigger and better than previous birthdays… or that’s what my friends past 21st birthdays and social media has told me. Everyone wants to know when I’m headed to Vegas…apparently it’s just the “trip” you take when you turn 21. I have zero interest in it to be quite honest. I think after 14 countries and many drinks with many different people… the Vegas vibe has me a bit turned off. The city doesn’t offer much other than shows, shopping, booze and gambling. I’m not a big shopper, drinker and I’ve never actually gambled.
Needless to say I’m not totally stoked on this birthday, for me 21 means getting your shit together…and being on your own. Not being on your own in the move out kind of way but in the how the government sees you. You’re no longer attached to your parents’ healthcare benefits; you’re no longer under your parents name in a lot of ways. You’re a full-fledged human being and let me tell you people…it’s expensive. Healthcare is not cheap and with Narcolepsy I cannot afford to ever not be on healthcare. Thankfully for me I was under a certain health care provider while I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy so they cannot deny me coverage so long as I never leave them…this means never miss a payment, never remove myself from their plan, never screw this up or I’ll eternally screw myself over. At $70 a month it’s not an overly expensive plan however my meds per month are about $80. That’s just for my daily med that keeps my narcolepsy in check and my life the way I like it. $150 a month is a lot when you’re broke, trying to start your own business and trying to move out. $150 a month is doable, but what if I get sick…it seems to happen often. Anyways that’s all what turning 21 means to me, and makes me a little less excited about being this glorious fun filled age. Haha anyways.

Looks like I’ll be headed to the Narcolepsy Network Conference in Denver this October, will I be seeing any of your beautiful faces there?! Hope so.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Finding time for me;

House sitting has given me tons of time to relax, I don’t know what it is and for how busy I’ve been I’ve found time every night to come and sit by the dock, sometimes paddle board around, sometimes read. It’s almost like I am on vacation however I have responsibilities. I feel that maybe when I am at home it’s easy to get caught in front of the tv, or take the things my own has to offer for granted.
The past three days I did a Juice Cleanse. Why? Well honestly I felt obligated to use the juicer that this house has but had no idea what to juice. That lead to juicing my brains out and a three-day cleanse. I didn’t nap once while doing the cleanse and I didn’t feel starved like I thought I might. Did I find all the juices tasty? Not at all, some I even had to plug my nose to down. However I completed it, feel amazing and am shocked at how much energy I had on it. When I really think about it though, eating clean and healthy diets has always influenced my narcolepsy in a positive way.
I’m going to do my best to eat better over the next couple weeks since this cleanse is done. I’ll see what I can do for my energy level via food.
Anyways, it’s time for a little more photo editing and then off to bed before some more photo editing tomorrow and then work in the evening. This is the life I signed up for though, so I’m more than grateful for the fact that I even have photo’s to be editing. Let alone paid jobs of photo’s to be editing. Night! ;)