Sunday, 5 August 2012

More Drugs Please!

Lets talk about Sarah’s drug use! I don’t know if any of you know or remember but I have been on Concerta for quite some time. I have had to up the doses over the past two years, but never has the drug failed to keep me sane. Lately though I’ve been napping an unusual amount, especially with it being summertime. The drug gets me through the day but my 10-minute naps have turned into 30 minutes and now into hours. Soccer starts tomorrow, and School starts at the end of the month; I don’t have hours to spare for naps!
I went back to my sleep doctor, told him the news and he gave me three options. I could up my dose completely; go from 54mg to 72mg. I could try the fast acting Ritalin, taking it during the day at the point when I need it. Or I could take my 54mg like I do and then take the extra 18mg on days where I know I will be having a hectic schedule. All reasonable options, but since I was a day away from being back at school in Minnesota for the ever so famous “preseason” the option of fast acting Ritalin was out of question. Trying a new drug away from home wasn’t my go to, and also it is apparently a pain in the ass to even get that drug across the border; especially in the mass amount I’d be taking. Option C is what I opted for, the 54mg with the occasional day or two a week where I take two. I know my schedule for the next couple months, work outs at the same time each day, games scheduled, and of course classes beginning at the end of this month. I will give it a go and hopefully find success with it!
This month is going to be a huge task, I am a bit out of shape to say the least and working out twice a day everyday for 16 days might be the end of my sanity. Last preseason was tough, it was all new to me and it was crazy busy. Last season though, I worked out on my own everyday before I left, I was prepared. This season I can’t even put the word prepared in the same sentence. This summer I traveled for two months and worked out for one. My body will be in for it both mentally and physically but I’m determined to be on that starting line up again. Have to get through the bad to get to the good right?!
In other news this fall I will be taking business courses to finish my business administration certificate. I really am only there for the reason of soccer, but I don’t want to waste my money on stupid courses that don’t add up to anything. I will be taking about 12 credits of some courses I’ve never dipped my toes in. Financial accounting and Principles of Marketing and one other class that I can’t remember the name of make up my course schedule. They are all 4 credits and hopefully I can get it enough to do well in the classes.
I’ll be sure to update more regularly now that I’m actually staying in one country for longer than 1-4 weeks.