Friday, 15 February 2013

Anyone still there?;

To anyone without narcolepsy who reads this my days of working a measly 6 hours probably sounds super easy and much of “living the dream”…to everyone who has narcolepsy you will understand my struggles.
I love being a nanny, absolutely adore the family I work for and all the fun activities I get to do each day. However working 6 hours straight with no break is a bit of a challenge. My day starts at 11:00am when I pick up the 5 year old at Kindergarten. We head home, eat some lunch and play whatever games she wants. We do crafts, we run around, we clean the house (I clean the house), and then we walk to the bus stop at 3:45pm to pick up her 7-year-old brother. From then on we have a snack, do some more crafts, they usually get in a fight, I break up the fight and then Mom or Dad gets home at 5:00pm. Those 6 hours exhaust me, I am absolutely drained at the end of it all yet I get in my car and scurry off to the gym. I work out for 1-2 hours, head home and eat some food. I then sit on the couch, or curled up in bed and go to sleep to do it all over again. Since it is February and there is a holiday here in Canada they have been having days off of school, those are the worst days. I wake up at 7:00am I leave by 7:45am and start work at 8:00am, and then I stay awake entertaining the kids until 5:00pm. Nine-hour days were never meant for narcoleptics but somehow someway I have been making it work. Eight hours seems more reasonable, I might have to bargain with the parents come summer time. Anyways, that is an update on what my life is looking like.
I also just had a surgery that I had been waiting on for years, literally years. I have broken my nose 5+ times and have neglected the fact that I have a deviated septum. I kind of had gotten use to the blocked airways and always breathing through my mouth. Not anymore, say hello to having open airways. It was minor surgery but it required me to be on bed rest for one week, no activities, no lifting anything over 10 pounds. It was nice at first, but boring after a while. Now I am just on week two of recovery but I can already notice a huge improvement. Hopefully in another week I will be able to test it out at the gym. I am extremely curious if I will get gassed (out of breath) as quickly as I usually do. Only time will tell!
In other news my life is rather uneventful as I work towards saving my pennies to both travel and possibly go back to school in 2014. I am looking forward to the next few months; many exciting events and experiences. I have been working with a U12 Girls Soccer team which is full of fun, interesting conversations and of course my favorite thing…Soccer. They are all really talented players and genuinely want to be there…which is always a bonus as an assistant coach. Come outdoor there is a chance I will be taking a larger role in coaching which to me is really quite exciting. I hadn’t thought I would enjoy coaching this much, but these kids make it fun for me to share my wealth of knowledge. Tomorrow I am off to a soccer tournament with them. I am sure it will bring back memories of a few of my first “away from home” soccer tournaments.
Come March things will be busy; I have joined a boot camp that is three times a week at 9am. It’s close to where I work so it is convenient for me to scurry off to work after. My U12’s also have an away tournament one weekend provided they continue to win games. I also have a women’s team that I play for and we will be away for a weekend in March. On top of this all my best friend from Minnesota (where I went to college) is coming for a 5-day visit. We have jam packed the mountains, the bars, and an NHL game into our schedule. I am extremely excited to have her come visit me; it should be one wild adventure!
I believe that is all for now, I am off to pack for the weekend and finish up a few other things I have managed to procrastinate.
Hopefully I will find time to start blogging more rather than having to write one big blog with one giant update every month!
Have a wonderful weekend.