Sunday, 6 October 2013

Working for a Living Sucks;

Hopefully the girls will understand this analogy, guys…bare with me. You know when you are so busy and you finally get in front of the mirror all up close and you see your eyebrows and you’re instantly appalled at how you let them get that out of control? Well that’s how I feel about my blog. I last posted on my birthday August 31, which was kind of a while ago. It’s not like I haven’t had things to blog about, or things to talk about. I’ve just been too busy when I want to write and too tired when I find time to write.
Life’s kind of been a rollercoaster of long days, stressful days and an overall longing for the end of my jobs to come. December cannot come soon enough, my body needs a break and the weekends just simply aren’t enough. I’ve calculated that between working with Lifetouch as a photographer, the kids as a Nanny and now volunteer coaching a girls soccer team I am working between 45-55 hours a week. Monday to Friday sucks, I wake up to early and go to bed too late. 9:30om is my attempted bedtime in order for 5:30 am to be a somewhat nice Sarah…not the usual grumpy early morning Sarah. However with coaching, life and being 20 I can’t always make 9:30 perfectly. I’ve been sick with a sore throat plenty, and well who do I have to blame? Myself, for probably pushing my body more than it should be. I can’t complain I suppose, I have to make money somehow and I have been told I can’t live under my parent’s roof forever. I’m in need of finding a rich man to sweep me off my feet. I wish I were kidding.
I think I’ve been frustrated lately with my Narcolepsy. I always had this mutual understanding with it, and I was nice to my narcolepsy to get the most out of my days. Lately though, I’ve been thinking “Ok, I know I need sleep, but how am I suppose to balance sleep and working for a living?” This to me is an issue, a frustration and just a viscous circle. One day I’ll have the money to start my own business, buy all the equipment I need to be a photographer. In the mean time though how do I buy the necessities, save for things, and find time to continue building a portfolio? They say if you want something you’ll find a way, however I am sure that person didn’t have narcolepsy and probably could live or function off 5 hours sleep.
When December comes around, I am not sure what I will do, my contracts for my jobs are up and I have little desire to continue either of them. I guess I need to find an extremely well paying job, that is fast paced enough where I don’t get sleepy. 40 hours a week sounds easy to me right now, I’m just not sure where I can find a job that pays like I need it to in order to afford or do all the things I want to. I also have to take into consideration that I am only 20, I have tons of time to figure things out, I’m just thinking the future of working looks pretty gloomy at this stage. I need to find that balance so that I can stay healthy, and happy.
In other news, coaching is going well. The girls are great, and the parents are finally a group of parents that understand competitive sports, and want the best for their kids. Yes I am sure their will be the odd helicopter parent, however for right now…I am ecstatic to just be able to show up at practice and coach. Assistant coaching is a good fit for my current life. I don’t have to make decisions on tournaments, managing, money spent, food, etc. All I have to do is help the girls improve their soccer skills. It’s ideal in my current life; maybe in future I will try to head coach again.
Anyways, I best start packing my bags for the week, planning meals for the week and finishing laundry!