Monday, 20 October 2014

Narcolepsy Network Conference Denver

“I love my narcolepsy. It makes me unique and it’s kind of hard to be different in today’s world” Said by a 17 year old guy, and honestly he sounds like the male version of myself when I was his age. It’s been a spectacular weekend full of conversation that uplifted me and verified why I came.
I had forgotten how much chaos there was leading up to my diagnosis and how funny certain moments in my life have been. It’s been a good reminder to continue to laugh at myself, my narcolepsy and this blessed life I am living.
I’ll be completely honest, for how many seminars were going on I managed to get my ass to the bare minimum. I think I sat down for a total of 3 actual guest speaker related seminars. The rest of the time I was off meeting other young people with narcolepsy, exploring Colorado or enjoying a beer with a new found friend. I don’t think I really came to the conference to sit in and listen to people talk about what it is I have. I don’t have that many questions in my current life. I don’t think I was looking for any confirmation that what was happening in my body was happening in others. I just wanted to meet people, relate to them and enjoy conversations about life and where we are headed. I got more than what I expected out of the weekend. I’m walking away with more friends, friends who might experience things before me, talk me through the highs and lows of my future and all around just get it.

So thank you to all of the wonderful people I met, connected with and shared the experience with. Chances are high I’ll be in attendance in Minneapolis next year.

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